2012 Picnic – October 28th

Sunday October 28th  will be our last shoot of 2012. … Safety meeting at 9 AM and first round down range shortly there-after.

We are also planning a light picnic lunch to be enjoyed after 4 stages. Then we will shoot the remaining 2 stages. OR we can shoot the Match then picnic as I enter the scores; your choice.

If you would like to bring something, please let me know so I can co-ordinate the foods and make arrangements to get whatever else is needed. I am planning on about 20 shooters. The more the merrier.

It’s been a great year and I have truly enjoyed it. Everyone has pitched in and helped. Bill, Cheryl, Jim, Lisa, Sue, John, Dave, Gary and so many others. From suggestions to setup to teardown to painting to repairs.  Thank you.

I was in Winchester VA recently and “Winchester Maria” [Tammy – Co-owner of Taylors and Company] was talking about Bend of Trail, our targets, the State Shoot and how nice it was to shoot here. Your dedication is being noticed by others outside our club.

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