Bend of Trail News – February 2015

A new year has started for the Cowboy Action Shooters. We shoot on “A” Range on the 4th Sunday of each month thru October. January thru April, our SAFETY meetings start at 9:30 AM with the first round down Range shortly there-after. May thru October, our SAFETY meetings start at 9:00 AM.

Come on out and watch. Better yet, join in. We use 2 Single-Action revolvers, a lever-action Rifle in Pistol caliber, and a side-by-side or 1897 pump Shotgun. You do NOT have to join SASS to shoot monthly matches. Cost is $10.00 per RRRC member and $15.00 for non members. No need to get dressed up either. Most of us dress similar to the late 1800s but a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt will do. Glasses and hearing protection are mandatory.

A usual day of shooting takes about 60 Pistol rounds, 60 Rifle rounds, and 18 to 24 Shotgun rounds. We shoot 6 different Stages. Usually through by 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.

In May we have a “Josey Wales” Match where we substitute 2 more Pistols for the Rifle. But we also have a regular match going on at the same time for those who like to shoot it the normal way.

In June we have our “Wild Bunch” match where we use a 1911 with 4 to 6 magazines loaded with 5 rounds each, in place of the Revolvers. This usually pushes the Pistol round count to over 100 rounds. We still have a regular match going on at the same time.

Cowboy Action Shooting is fun. And it’s never the same. Since most of us “re-load” we can lighten our loads and enjoy it more.

Check out our section on the RRRC web. Our Scenarios, storylines and scores are posted monthly. Our sport is more family orientated and we enjoy having the whole family shootin’ when possible. You determine how “laid back” or how “serious” you want to be.

Got questions? Contact Tom Wills, 540-890-6375,

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