Posse Foils the Ketchum Gang

201504_01“I can’t believe it took me this long to find out about Cowboy Action Shooting” (CAS™). “I enjoy the heck out of this sport.” Those were the words of a shooter who joined our posselast year. He continued, “And the members of this group are the best bunch of people you’ll find anywhere.” We hear that over and over. We shoot every 4th Sunday, weather permitting, and welcome new shooters. Sometimes our matches have a theme that is factual, placing us in a living history situation, playing out situations as they really occurred; sometimes it is whimsical fiction. In any case, CAS is a way to practice your gun handling skills with rifle, revolvers, and shotgun and the same time have fun doing it. Target shooters from other disciplines often say that is good to be able shoot guns at steel targets and feel no pressure from competitors. We often hear, “The friendly banter of the guys and gals that compete is one of the best parts. They will do anything in the world to help you score better.” Doesn’t surprise me. After all, “It’s the cowboy (and cowgirl) way.”

201504_02 The March match welcomed 20 shooters and two support personnel.   Under perfect weather conditions, we banged and clanged our way along to prevent train robbery and apprehend Blackjack Ketchum and the Hole in the Wall Gang.  When the smoke cleared, and scores tallied, Wild Mustang (Dwayne Nuckols) came out on top overall, followed by Red Rider Slim (Gary Feazelle) and Buena Vista Kid (Frank Fox). Top Lady Shooter was Thundercolt (Cheryl Donlon). Five members of the posse had a clean match (hit all targets in the right order) and for the first time in recent history, a couple – Sue Hell No and Rue Barb (Brozonsky) – both shot cleanly. They were joined by Red Rob, Doc Keepum, and Sagebrush Sackett. Thanks for support work goes to Duke City Marshal (aka Lefty), Ms Mustang plus Red Rider Slim, Cedar Creek John and Smilin’ Sam who set targets.   Lookin’ forward to seeing you at the next match on Range A, April 26!

Contact info for Tommy Wills, (aka Rowe-A-Noc), Match Director, rowe-a-noc@mikesweather.org—540-890-6375

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