Range Officer and Range Operations Classes

I have talked to Missouri Marshal {Ronnie Turnbul} about having RO1 & RO2 classes for our shooters here at RRRC. Missouri Marshal lives in Richmond VA. The best time for him to hold RO1 & RO2 classes here at RRRC will be the 2nd Saturday and Sunday of March 2013. RO1 on Sat. 3/09/13  from 9AM to 1 PM and  RO2 on Sunday 3/10/13 from 9AM to 2 PM. Missouri Marshal is a thorough instructor and puts out a top notch class.

Saturday will be all classroom instructions on the Range OPERATIONS class. Cost is $10.00. You do NOT need to be a member of SASS to attend this class. It is an overall view of how a match should run including Safety issues, what’s expected in each shooting category, what’s expected of the shooter, SASS rules, clothing requirements, types of guns used, modifications allowed and what’s outlawed, etc…. In other words, “You can compete better if you know all the ground rules”. An RO1 pin is included.

Sunday will be part classroom and part range training covering Range OFFICER responsibilities. Cost is $25.00. You must be a SASS member and have been shooting at least 6 months and have had the RO1 class. You will earn an RO2 Pin to wear to signify that you are Range Officer qualified. This class is more focused on Safety, being a Posse leader and how to run the Timer and assist the shooter. It also helps you know what is expected of you from the Posse Leader and Timer operator.

These classes are only taught here in SW Va. once every 4 or 5 years. Missouri Marshal has to travel at his own expense to give these classes. So, here’s your chance.

Also, SASS has begun a Re-certification of those who have previously taken the RO1 & RO2 classes and retake it to keep up with rule changes and clarifications. There will be Re-certification pins for these individuals too.

Please contact me if you want to take the classes, as soon as possible. I must have a minimum # for him to come and the date must be confirmed.

 Thomas R. Wills   aka   Rowe-A-Noc SASS 64745L

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