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DSC_1094_cr Bend of Trail is RRRC’s version of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) and follows the rules and guidelines set up by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). The general idea is to dress up in clothing that represents the attire of the “Old West” or “Western Movies” and shoot single action revolvers, lever action rifles and pre-1900 style shotguns, and have fun.

cowboy_20100426_04While having fun is very important, the most important thing is safety. Procedures and rules have been established by RRRC and SASS to ensure the safety of the participants and spectators. Each shooter is supervised all the way through, from the loading table to the shooting line and then to the unloading table. This ensures that the firearms are only loaded at the appropriate time and with the appropriate number of shells. It also makes sure that the firearms are unloaded and clear after the shooter is finished with each stage. Click on the following link to get more information on SASS safety and equipment rules.

Strate Championship 2009 011Bend of Trail monthly matches usually consist of 6 stages or shooting scenarios. A typical stage will tell a story from the old west that the shooter will then act out. The shooter may be required to say a line from a western movie such as “The Outlaw Josey Wales” like “Are you going to draw them pistols or whistle Dixie?” The shooter will then engage the targets in the order specified. Each stage is explained to the entire posse (group of shooters) before the first shooter starts and then each shooter has the opportunity to review it again with the Range Officer just prior to shooting the stage.

Match Information

Shoot Dates;     We will be shooting on the 4th Sunday of each month this year on Range A. Also, on the 3rd Saturday of April, we will have a “New Shooters Clinic” for those who have not shot CAS or have only shot a few CAS matches. The cost is $10.00. All guns, ammo and equipment will be provided.  New shooters should bring their own eye and ear protection.

On the 3rd Saturday in May we will have a “Shooter Improvement Class” for those who have been shooting CAS for a while and wish to improve. The cost will be $10.00. Shooters will be required to provide their own guns, ammo, and other equipment.

The 4th Sunday in May will be a “Josey Wales” match (optional). In this match, 2 Revolvers are used for the pistol targets and 2 more Revolvers are used and shot at the Rifle targets. Plus a Shotgun is used.

The 4th Sunday in July will be a “Wild Bunch” match (optional). This means the use of a 1911ACP, in 45 caliber in place of your revolvers, and a Winchester Model 1897 pump shotgun (with room for 4 shells in the magazine). We will allow any main match rifle to be used. “Wild Bunch” rules actually require a 40 caliber or larger rifle be used.  Due to the much higher velocities and power factors of a 1911, “SASS”,  SAFETY & common sense, dictates that targets should be at least 8 yards, minimum, in distance and soft lead bullets be used. We will have special pistol targets set up for the 1911s.  Actually, “Wild Bunch” matches are NOT Cowboy Action Shooting matches. It is a completely different shooting venue. Usually there are 20 to 25 pistol rounds per scenario. Some times there is movement while the pistol is in your hand, (unloaded), moving from 1 position to another. Once all pistol rounds are shot, the 1911 is NOT returned to leather, but made safe on a flat surface. The Rifle must be of 40 caliber or larger. An 1897Winchester pump shotgun is used and it is usually staged, loaded, with up to 4 rounds.

Safety meetings will begin at 9:30am, with 1st round down range by 10am. Set up will be from 8:30am to 9am. All help will be appreciated.

Depending on the weather & choice of the participants, we can stop for lunch after the 4th scenario or eat as we shoot through. The choice will be made (as a group) each month.

Bottled drinking water will be provided at each shoot. No charge.

The match cost is $10 / shoot for RRRC members and $15 / shoot for non-members.  A “frequent shooters card” may be purchased by non-members for an additional $10 at their 1st shoot and then they will only need to pay $10 each time they shoot for the rest of the year.

In the event of rain, we will shoot from under the canopy on Range A with parking down below.

For more information on Cowboy Action Shooting, go to www.sassnet.org and for additional information about CAS at RRRC contact Tom Wills (540.890.6375) or Dan Drewry (540.890.5162).