Rowe-a-Noc has been selected as a new SASS Regulator

Rowe-a-Noc has been selected as one of the new SASS Regulators. A Regulator is selected by the following criteria:



Regulators are those folks who work above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of SASS and their affiliated club(s). Their services are worth more than SASS or their club could ever pay. They personify the Cowboy Way and provide an excellent role model for


Potential Regulators are nominated by SASS members or officials. It should be clear in the nomination letter, this nomination is a consensus opinion, not just the feelings of a single individual. Recommendations are received by the Wild Bunch for consideration. Successful candidates are recognized at END of TRAIL with public acknowledgment of their contributions and presentation of the unique, personalized Regulator Badge.

A Regulator does not have to be a life member or club officer. To nominate a Regulator, please send a detailed recommendation letter to Hipshot at the SASS Office. Include as many signatures as possible.>His selection was listed in the September 2012 Cowboy Chronicles, the official monthly publication of SASS.

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